Audio / Video

'Love is His Meaning'

A talk given on Sunday 3 September 2017 at St Paul's Cathedral, London

Gresham College

Gresham College, where Professor Ward was Gresham Professor of Divinity from 2004 – 2008, holds a series of audio, video and transcripts of lectures. Link to full listing. You may download or stream the video from their web site.

Chapman University

Has Science Made God Obsolete? The Great Debate

On March 7, 2016, noted British author, theologian and philosopher Keith Ward of Oxford University and scientist and skeptic Michael Shermer debated on the nature of reality, science and religion, and God’s existence.


Philosophy, Science and The God Debate, a two-DVD set of filmed interviews with Keith Ward, Alister McGrath and John Lennox, and produced by the Nationwide Christian Trust.